Food & Drink Photography

+ mobile app development for iOS.


Working in hospitality industry for almost 20 years gave me the opportunity to gain inside knowledge and the understanding of the processes involved in food and drink making. High attention to details is necessary to capture the right aspect of the photographed object and to reflect the right feel. I am working with industry brands and clients on events and parties to extend my portfolio besides Food & Drink.

iOS Development

I am a passionate self-taught iOS developer and UI/UX designer. Mobile app industry is very exciting and I enjoy the whole process from planning to delivery. My developing skills allowed me to start my first big project - HSPal. Working in hospitality for almost two decades, I have identified a problem and came up with solution iin form of prototype for an iPad app.


Initial idea transformed to visual format on paper or wireframes. Improving the UI/UX logic and overall app’s functionalities.


Hands-on the keyboard. Developing stage with writing and sourcing libraries and creating the designs. Testing the results and optimising UI/UX for better performance and experience


After thourough testing of the app it is time to create all necessary for the online presence, artwork and other bits. Last step - upload the app to the App Store.

Personal apps, white label code
& current open projects


theraphosID App
BarQuiz App



iFnb App


Terra Hale

Terra Hale

White label code app
White label code app